Sunday, May 25, 2014

Heritage Park Festival of Quilts 2014

Another year is over and I can barely wait until the next one! It's wonderful to see the amazing talent out there! Forgive me for not listing the artists and the names of their quilts! If you recognize your quilt, or you know who the artist is -- please comment and let the rest of us know!There are so many of them that I loved!

The Youngest and I had reveals today -- one for Motorcycle Man's girlfriend and another for Youngest's boyfriend.  I hope you enjoy all the photo's! Of course they are way better in person!
Quilts in front of the Wainwright Hotel

 #173 by Wayne Kollinger, "I Spy Richmond Square." You may remember Wayne from last year when I posted another of his quilts! I love this one Wayne! I think you need to let us know where to get this pattern! I think this one is also reversible. Love it! What a great gift for a wee one!

by Heather Tomlinson....don't panic! My hand is NOT on the quilt, but hovering above it to show you the scale of those tiny little squares! Her quilts were just beautiful!

#619 - Quilt by Donna Leuw - "October Rose" -- beautiful work.... little beads sewn on all over this piece. Just gorgeous!

59? -- unfortunately I didn't get a photo of the whole number. This is a quilt with small hexagons for an "I Spy" -- just marvelous! All the little kids coming up to this wanted to touch it and point out all the things they found! The recipient of this quilt will be some happy!

Little One's boyfriend is standing in front of this amazing quilt! It's a whole scene. I was just gobsmacked when I saw it. As a quilter I realize all the hard work these take! Bravo!

The reveal..... "Kristi's Mud Pudddle" that I worked on for Motorcycle Man's girlfriend. (don't worry! I told her that she could touch it and she loved the label!) I am pretty sure she really liked it! Was a fun pattern to do, but even more so when it's appreciated by the new owner!

#034 - by Morgan Brown (The Youngest) -- "Snow Tracks" -- This is the quilt that she reveled to her boyfriend. She tired Accuquilt's log cabin die for this one. I think she did an amazing job don't you? I am sure this is not the end of her quilting career!

I think her boyfriend was suitably impressed. Don't panic! Morgan gave him permission to touch...she is the quilter!

Here is Youngest with her boyfriend. I think he was quite surprised!


Denise :) said...

Wow! What a show this was! I love the picture of the quilts hanging in front of the Wainwright -- great capture! There are a lot of inspiring quilters out there -- it never ceases to amaze me what incredible talent, time and patience it takes to make one of these beautiful quilts!! Thanks for stopping by and sending some *encouragement* my way!! I'll get back to it!! :)

Margo said...

Saw your new set-up! What a view! Looking forward to reading your blog some more! Thanks for stopping by!