Saturday, May 24, 2014

Heritage Park Festival of Quilts 2014 and Family

So today I attended Heritage Park Quilt Festival with Chef! It was amazing and I walked miles and miles. Tomorrow is the day I was to surprise my son, Motorcycle Man's girlfriend....but ended up spilling the beans early! More to come in a couple of days.... Flash forward to this evening when Motorcycle Man needed to have a part for his flying camera part...something that I went running for. So for all you guys out there..who love your Momma's ... remember that Momma's will always have some kind of photo of you to brag about.

Motorcycle Man's first quilt...before he got carried away with all his biking! (Now realize that there is a fine line between how expensive quilting is ... sewing and parts for computers, bikes. the gear...everything). I know that quilting is the lesser of these two evils! ( has kept me out of the hospital! ok ok....thumb injections maybe!

Love you Motorcycle Man! This one is for you!

November 1998.... he sewed the blocks and I assisted with the rest!

Happy Quilting all and keep those tires on the ground!

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