Saturday, May 31, 2014


Well the hexagon quilt is still going forward...s l o w l y. The Youngest will be 30 before it's done! That's ok as The Oldest turned 30 when I got her's done! So, in celebration of hexagons I have vowed to make one flower a day, rain or shine! So, in a year, I could feasibly have 365 flowers! She wants a queen sized-quilt. May God help me with this project! I haven't even thought about how many flowers I would need....and I don't think I need to really focus on that right now....I'll focus on one flower at a time!
All colors of flowers put together..

Pile of flowers

Stacked in a bread box for now

Hexi's packed and ready to go anywhere I go!

I tried to link up for a hexi-link-up -- but I am blog challenged. I would like to join, but apparently I am having more trouble signing up and getting all the tags etc., that I think I'd better focus on sewing instead!

How are you all doing on your projects?


Chantal said...

Wow love your flowers. You are using fabric I would have never thought of using. It makes very interesting and vibrant flowers.

Margo said...

Thanks Chantal! The Youngest hates "matchy-match" as she calls it -- so any of my scraps I am using. The crazier the better! Now if I could figure out how to put the Hexagon buttons on my blog I would be thrilled!

Karen said...

Beautiful flowers! One flower a day sounds wonderful. I read the comment you left on One Flower Wednesday, but was unable to email you as your email address is not in your Profile. Anyway, it is not too late, you were just too late for last week's posting and that is why you could not add your blog link. I open a new link each Tuesday and it stays open until Sunday, for that week. I look forward to seeing many more beautiful flowers!

Margo said...

Thanks Karen! I hope I entered properly! I added my email, but I can't seem to have it "link" to anything. I am pretty sure I linked the Wednesday Flower button by Valentina ok. I'm still a ditz when it comes to blogging! Guess I should stick to sewing....and since it's Thursday...I'd better take a photo for the flowers from last week! ha ha!