Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Easter!

Passing on a little Easter goodness! I got two of these kits from my retreat, courtesy of Nimble Thimbles Quilt Club! Love, love, love!

Now I am new to any type of machine applique. That means I am trying out new stitches, new thread and of course what to do with stabilizer. This little project is Phyllis' fault!
 She tackled these at Retreat and said it was pretty easy! 
 Thanks Phyllis! I couldn't be happier with the outcome of these!

I had bought a wee bit of Tear Away a while ago - and had no idea where to start. There was a shiny side and a  sticky side. I put the sticky side down to the back of the tea towel and used my iron to press it a bit. It stuck to the fabric and not to my iron thank goodness!! Who knew! It didn't stick permanently though, but enough that it would let me stitch the pieces down. When I was done -- simple -- it tore away! [duh!] I have so many stabilizers and sticky papers that I have to start labeling everything! I do believe that I need to educate myself on these things! I am very happy with the outcome though! It was tons of fun and took about an hour and a half for each - which included tracing, fusing the pieces to the iron and then stitching around the pieces.

Then I thought, I needed to do the other one! Though on this one I started to stitch everything in phases. I stitched the leaves and then put on the next pieces and stitched those down. It turned out cute! I think I do need practice on my stitching -- but everything gets better with practice, practice, practice! 

Chef Murphy let me put one on the oven handle! We need a little Spring in the kitchen with all this miserable weather we have been having! Last night it was snowing again! Though not enough for it to stay on the ground, but chilly enough to want to stay indoors and sew! I feel like I accomplished something this weekend!

Happy Easter all! God Bless each and everyone!


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