Saturday, April 11, 2015

Love mail!

I am crushing on the bright fabric that I won for the contest! This is the one that I entered with my quilt for my daughter into Fon's and Porter's Quilt that you Love contest! You have to love a good magazine! I'll be browsing through this deciding what I'm going to make! I couldn't find a selvage with the name on the above, but the rest of the fabric is called "Dash". Very cute! I think I'm going to use it for my Bionic Gear Bag Notions Tote from Craftsy. I just downloaded the pattern this morning....get this...OVER 50 pages of instructions! Heavens! you get a "bonus" pattern, but honestly! is for "beginners", so I hope that all those pages make it easier to put together! I'll have to find a binder to store it in! ha ha! One of my fellow quilters, Trish, made one and it is just beautiful! She said it had a lot of instructions to it. The finished product was great! If I can make it through one of these bags, I'll be using it for retreats and sew days! It opens up "boxy". You'll have to check out Craftsy under Patterns and then Bags.

Yesterday was spent with The Youngest! We went for pedi's and mani's! Had lunch together and chatted! It's always nice to see your adult children making their way in life. She showed me her new finished quilt. Hopefully she will pass a picture along so that I can show you all! She is a talented girl! Her boyfriend was telling me the plans for a sewing room for her! They have an extra room besides the guest rooms they have. He's already dreaming of having her sewing machine set up in front of a window and thinking about the shelving and drawers she'll need for fabric! Gotta love a man who supports a woman who loves to sew!

As for Chef...he was at home waiting for our new dishwasher! Maytag with stainless steel interior! Yipee! No more hand washing dishes! That is, he has been hand washing dishes since our dishwasher broke down. Don't forget, most of the pots are washed by hand anyways, but having to add the rest of the hand washing..... well, you don't appreciate these appliances as much as when you don't have it anymore! He's been great with my hand giving me trouble! It's nice to have the dishwasher back is all I'm saying!

Maybe after a bit of housekeeping today I'll be in the sewing room!

Happy Quilting Everyone!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful fabrics! Cute pincushion, too. How nice to have a daughter to play with you. ;)

Margo said...

Both my girls are gems. The oldest loves paper crafts and the youngest is just preparing her sewing room! Guess who gets all the spare craft things? lol