Thursday, April 2, 2015

Love Craftsy!

I don't know if you knew...but I posted by Stash project with the baskets on a contest that Crafsy had. Remember this photo?

Well that photo went on to win one of the grand prizes for a Stash contest! How exciting! I got to pick a free class! I picked BIG TECHNIQUES FOR SMALL SCRAPS with Sarah Felke! Now in no way am I working for Craftsy, but I found Craftsy on my own a long time ago when they first started up. Why?

#1. I have very limited time to attend a class
#2. I am a very hands-on learner and do not do well with classes where a person stands at the front of the class and lectures
#3. Sometimes it takes repetition on new techniques for things to sink in!
#4. I can watch and work through a class on my own time -- even if it's 2:00 in the morning and I can't sleep!
#5. I get to take classes from amazing teachers without the big price tag.
#6. I can ask as many questions as I want and get an answer back from the teacher! {without those smarties pants out there sighing HEAVILY because they got it and I didn't!}.
#7. Did I mention "selection"? So much to pick from! Not only quilting, but knitting, crochet, gardening, baking.... you get the picture!

So check them out! Craftsy will let you sign up for free and then browse through. OH, and I forgot -- they even have FREE classes! Never been to Quiltcon, but want to know a bit about it without leaving your home? Check it out!

Well what topped the list today is a box that found it's way to my door from Craftsy! I won a box of Craftsy stash on top of the free class!  So exciting! Thank you Craftsy so much! Look at all the lovely fabric I get to play with this weekend!

What a lovely pressie! I think I'll be gazing at this for a bit and thanking my lucky stars!

Craftsy .. you ROCK!

Happy Quilting Everyone!



Cath said...

I started following you because of your entry. Best idea for saving scraps that I have ever seen and I have been looking for awhile. I have even attained some baskets *insert happy face here*. Congratulations on your win and I can't wait to see you use that yummy fabric!

Margo said...

Yeah Cath! I'm happy I won't be the only one with baskets on my wall! :-) Thanks for stopping by and saying "hi" I am off to your blog for inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I'm so pleased you won! That is some new stash you have there. I'm amazed at the great prize of fabric and class. Are you going to use that fabric IN the class project?

Margo said...

Thanks Susan! So exciting! I'll have to check that out! Who knows? I was blown away! ... and very grateful!