Monday, April 27, 2015

Hexies here we come!

The hexie box has come out once again! This time I cut up a few more pieces and will continue to do so as long and my hands hold up! It's so nice to be hand sewing these little hexies in the sunshine! The spring air coming through the house and the rays of the sun warming me up as I soak up the heat and enjoy every moment!

How do you like my little snips? I'd have to go through all my posts to remember where I got them, but they are perfect for my little kit! I wonder if these little scissors would be acceptable on an airplane? Maybe I should go with my daughter to the airport one day when she flies out of Calgary and see if Security lets her through with them? EGADS...if they confiscated them from her I would be somewhat annoyed! I just found these little one's....maybe if I get a duplicate set I can experiment with Security. MAYBE....Security takes stuff like this because THEY like them and want them for themselves! hmmmmmm? Any airline workers out there that can tell if they would be acceptable or not? Drop me a line and let me know! Last time I was on a plane they took my nail clippers.....HEADLINES... hypothetically IF they were not confiscated...


The BEST news is I can hold the hexagon pieces together with my thumb splint, which makes me very happy! It's nice to be sewing these back together once again. Maybe I'll make headway on these units while I sit with Chef and watch TV! Either that or they can come out with me when we go fishing! I can't hold the rod, but I can sure stitch away at these!

Happy Quilting Everyone!



Anonymous said...

Yay, hand mobility! I'm so happy that things are improving for you. Seeing the hexagons come out is a good sign! Cute little snips.

Margo said...

Surgery is still to come, but little bits at a time are ok! Love what you are doing with the giveaway blog! It looks great! For those of you wondering...check out the "Giveaway" link to the right!