Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Just a little bit at a time!

I have a whole lot of these going on! I had to un-stitch one completed triangle because I sewed it on wrong, but then I worked it out. I had forgotten to cut that little notch on those triangles that go on the side -- so I made sure I cut them all. My finished square is not 4.5 --it is 4.25". 

- yes I made sure it was a scant 1/4" seam
- yes I made sure that the copy of the pattern was to size {made sure the little box measured out the way it should have}
- yes I cut all the pieces the way I should
- yes I have "pressed" the way I should

so.... now I will have to match the rest of the pieces to make sure they make the same size. I am sure it will all work out! It is just frustrating as all get out when you buy a pattern and it doesn't work out. Maybe it's the thread? Maybe the thread is too thick? Who knows!

Has it stopped me? NO! now I am anxious to get to the other pieces! It will work out I am sure. Sometimes we have to "fudge" a few things and we learn for the next time! I'll have some trimming to do, but that's never stopped me in the past!

The little green owl? He's my timer! I've been trying to spend a minimum of 15 minutes a day in my sewing room! That has been very successful! He motivates me!

I've been struggling with coming home after working all day and I'm tired. The last thing I want to do is "do" something else other than sit and let my mind go blank. I do enjoy quilting though and sewing, so I have promised myself 15 minutes...only 15 minutes out of my day.  I get great pleasure of hearing that timer go off and end up continuing to work after. Rarely do I stop until much later .. which is  great!

This latest quilt is for my son. It will take a while, considering all the pieces that I have cut, but I'm looking forward to piecing it all together!

I am waiting for my friend Karen to finish up quilting one of my mystery quilts that I made. I'll be working on the binding before long! I am almost finished the top to a scrappy quilt that will need to go visit Karen for the "treatment" on her long-arm!  

Maybe a couple of bibs should be sewn up and passed onto my little niece! So many things that I could do! I think I'm on the list to sewing up some curtains as well!

Stay tuned and set your timers!

Happy Quilting everyone!



Cath said...

Timing yourself is a brilliant idea. I have used that technique for catching up on UFOs, quilting, stitching etc when I have lost my creative mojo. I have even used it for housework......I never go over time on those occasions!

Margo said...

Cath! Now I had to laugh on the timer for housework...I too NEVER go overtime!