Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hertitage Park - Day Two!

Chef and I went to Heritage Park again as he wanted to see my quilt displayed. He insisted on photo of me standing beside my quilt! Of course, as a woman, I do the, "Is my hair ok? Do I look ok?" before he snapped the photo -- oh well, maybe when I'm long gone I won't worry about what I look like in those photo's. I'm the one usually BEHIND the camera (and I just HATE being in front of one!)
Day two was just as great as day one! Met some wonderful people from some of the guilds in our area. Maybe one day I will join one! I bought tickets for the multiple quilt raffles they have! Would love to be the "winner" in one of them, but at least the $'s go to the guilds, which is never a bad thing! Chef and I found a couple of quilts with unique labels that were pieced. Maybe I'll try that one day!
Chef found a quilt that he liked....well, expecially the BACK!
Of course I found a couple that motivated me more!
Happy Quilting Everyone!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Heritage Park Quilt Festival 2012

What a wonderful morning! So many talented people out there! If only I could be half as talented as these quilters! I entered my first quilt which they displayed inside of the hotel on the second floor. I feel honored! Now if these quilts are not motivation for me, then there is something seriously wrong! Before you ask....anyone who has a quilt in the show agrees to let the public photograph the quilts. Quilter of Distinction is Karen Jurek -- her quilts are amazing! I met a wonderful lady while in my HOUR lineup to enter Heritage Park. She was full of wonderful advice and a true reflection of all those friendly quilters out there! Hope you enjoy the photo's!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back in the quilt studio!

Finally I have had the "oompff" to get back to sewing. I've been working through health issues that prevented me from going in the sewing room. This weekend I managed to finally get a quilt bound that is going in the Heritage Park Festival of Quilts. This is one that I started quilting in 1996 -- the year that I took my very first class. The quilt blocks were hidden for years... travelled with me during my moves after the divorce and finally pulled out of the boxes the last couple of years. FINALLY...done... 1996-2012. Oh! If that quilt could talk, it would tell you of quite the journey over the years -- thus the title "Journey 1006-2012". Hope you all have fun going to Heritage Park this coming weekend and seeing the wonderful quilts! Happy quilting everyone!