Quilting Momma....

Live, Love and Laugh is my motto. I have three beautiful adult children and so far one wonderful grandson.

I'm guessing it was 1996 when I first dabbled in quilting and took a class on quilt samplers. It was a class where I would cut every cardboard cereal box into templates with the 1/4" added seam to make various blocks. When the kids were smaller I would sew PJ's, sweatpants, t-shirts and of course Halloween gear.

The blocks were never sewn together and were tucked into the back of a closet. I went through a divorce, returned to school to educate myself so I could stand on my own two feet.

Many years later,  I met a wonderful new man who encouraged me in my endeavors and embraced my creativity. It wasn't until then that I took out that dusty old box so I could complete the sampler quilt. He is the one that would plan FART [Fabric Acquisition Road Trips] and delve into sale bins for unique fabrics and encourage me to grab bolts of fabric and toss them together with all sorts of colors. He helped me build a "stash" so I would always have something to work with!

Although far from an advanced quilter, I love learning new things and passing what I know onto my youngest daughter, and in turn, she has shown me a thing or two! I am hopeful that quilting will become a family legacy to pass onto future generations!

Enjoy your journey with us! We love company!

Happy Quilting,
Margo aka Quilting Momma

The Youngest...

I am the baby of the family, the youngest of three. I am extremely stubborn and passionate when I want to be. I began sewing in high school, mostly clothes at that point; velvet coats, dress pants, pyjamas you name it.

I have always enjoyed creating, making something tangible that you can touch and feel. It wasn't until I moved away from home that I really began to quilt. I started out with rag quilts, many many rag quilts ha-ha. As time goes on I have been gradually expanding my horizons in the quilting world, becoming more adventurous.

My Mother is an extremely talented woman and I have fond memories watching her sew when I was younger. I remember every year on Christmas Eve getting a brand new pair of pyjamas my Mother had made. I remember the sheer excitment of getting a present before Christmas Day and almost bursting at the seams with joy waiting for Santa to arrive.

I never pegged myself as a blogger, but it makes sense seeing that my generation has an obsession with chronicling their lives through social media. I guess a blog just makes sense. My Mother was actually the one who started this blog and she graciously invited me to tag along on the journey.

Quilting is an activity that I share with my Mother and something that I truly cherish. I will always enjoy our Mother/Daughter sew days and am very fortunate to have her to guide and teach me. Hope you enjoy our journey with us, because I know we are having a blast.

Happy Quilting,
Morgan aka -The Youngest-