Saturday, November 29, 2014

Another Retreat!

 The Youngest's Arkansas Star

Beautiful Banff!

 The youngest's lap size

What a lovely weekend we had! We stayed at Irwin's Mountain Inn. It was great, that is until we left for the weekend to come back home. My sewing machine was on the luggage cart, I was wheeling it back to the youngest's car and we hit a drop in the concrete in the lovely Symphony came crashing to the ground!

So my baby is in the shop. Her electronic screen is in a million pieces. The top snapped right off and the wheel on the side popped off. I was instantly sick when she came crashing to the ground! Now to see if she can be fixed or if we need to replace her! I want to throw up! :-(

On the bright side.... The Youngest finished some things as you can see! I am so happy that she's liking the sewing! She does a great job!

As for me, I managed to get a Christmas Tree skirt pieced and I will be quilting it on my little spare machine. I did some more work on my jean picnic quilt!  I spent a lot of time cutting fabric (note to self....get everything cut before you go to a retreat so all you can do is sew sew sew!). It was by far the most RELAXING weekend. I wasn't rushing to get quilts done and was taking my time. It was great to spend more time with the Youngest. We had a lovely dinner at the Keg with another quilt friend Vera. Lots of laughs and good company!

So as the world stands still on my poor Symphony -- I'm going to be quilting on my BL9. Not all the bells and whistles, but it will be good!

Happy Quilting!


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Checking his list!

While we are all warm and cozy, Rudolph sent his wife to check on the neighborhood! Who's been naughty and who's been nice?

I'm getting ready for retreat next weekend! I have a whole load of projects to get going, complete and cut out!

I will post more after next weekend! It's going to be a busy week with work and getting everything together!

Happy Quilting Everyone!


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Who said boys can't sew? Not me!

I do have a wonderful grandson! The little man wanted to "sew" with Nana. He's getting way too big to put on my lap, so the best solution was to put the chair up and let him go!

Now before you all panic...... I'm controlling the presser foot and Little Man is listening to my instructions. We marked a line on the machine for his right hand... that's the "NO ZONE". The machine stops and he re positions his hands!

Now he's thinking of how to make "A SWORD CARRIER!!!!!" He's thinking this sewing is pretty cool! I'm thinking he's pretty amazing and listens intently to my instructions. We were busy making "burp cloths" for his little cousin because Little Man says it's pretty "gross" when she spits up her milk! haha! Well... There's a bunch of burp cloths headed her way!

I've been thinking about how to get him interested in sewing. I've looked at those little children's size machines, but then I don't know what type of projects would interest him. He's done the little stuffed bunny a way back that was rudimentary. Keeping him interested is another thing as well. I guess I'll have to bide my time and wait until he really expresses an interest for a longer period of time. He'll take pleasure in ownership of making those burp cloths though!

Happy Quilting all!

Quilting the easy way!

This is the Quilt Halo that I bought from Purple Daisies. I am new to free-motion quilting and have been trying out things that will help me! I find that gripping the quilt with my hands, or my hands in quilting gloves -- I just don't get it! My hands slip and I seem to grab it all wrong. I found this online and I LOVE IT! It is a heavy metal circle, with a red rubber covering that grips the top of your quilt. It fits under your presser foot when you have your presser foot up. You can free-motion to your hearts content and then when you stop, you re position the "Halo". The only thing that is under the quilt is my Supreme Slider. The weight and the rubber covering is enough to grip the quilt to move it around! You can tell on the photo above that you can rest your hands flat on it, or grip the sides and quilt away! It was a great investment and I am so happy that I tried it out! It was worth every penny for me to get it shipped her in Canada. Hopefully they will start carrying them here. Check out Purple Daisies! I learned so much! Like using Elmers Glue for applique? WOW! Things you learn when you browse the web!

 This is the little quilt I've been working on! We have a new great niece a couple of provinces over! Chef's sister is now a new grandma so we now have TWO Great Nieces! So much fun!

 I had so many things going on and then with am ambulance ride from work for my asthma and my regular arthritis in my thumb, this was put on the back burner. (Man I am getting old!) I finally got it together this weekend AND I quilted it myself. May not be a big deal for any of you out there, but for me I did it! Only a little marking in the border and the rest I did a stipple and echo around the flowers. So much easier with a series of Grey's Anatomy running in the background!

 I did some machine applique to bring a little life to the quilt! I used the Elmer's glue to stick down the stems and then sew along the edges. It was my first crack at trying something like this with my flower petals from Accuquilt. I learned a LOT with just three little flowers.

I tried a new little pattern with a Frixon pen and Chef was convinced it wouldn't come out! Those pens are bloody amazing! A little touch with the iron and voila! PRESTO, gone! It marked so nicely! The pictures of the quilt are after a HOT wash with Retayne and a tumble dry. I just love soft, puffy quilts! It's all ready for a snuggle with a little one!

The bumblebee fabric was Chef's finds on one of our trips! It was a perfect fit for the border and backing!

So what are you working on today?

PS... If  you are interested in a Fat Quarter Swap, read my earlier post! It would be great to build some stash and meet great people in the process!

Last, but not least ... look who came to see Great Auntie and Great Uncle in her Halloween Outfit!
She wasn't impressed with her Penguin Suit but we sure were!

Happy Quilting Everyone!