Sunday, October 19, 2014

Another Mystery!

Don't you just love surprises? The Youngest and I went to a Mystery Quilt day with Nimble Thimbles Quilt Club out in Airdrie! Never participated in a Mystery Day? Well neither did I until I went to my first one last year! Of course you have read about these on various blogs, but doing one in RL (real life) is a whole lot of fun! Just check out how happy we were!
Before our trip, we got our first "clue".... ok, they were instructions on the type of fabric and how to cut them up.We placed them on our labeled bags and then brought them to class!

The first clue was read out and we started to sew our faces off! 
We had help from a wonderful group of ladies (in the aprons) who helped "un-sew" and also press our pieces!

Because I am such a hands-on type learner (I don't do well with verbal instructions! haha!) 
My quilting friend Karen (yes, the one and only one who quilts my lovely creations)
 helped to un-sew my boo boo's! (Thanks Karen!)

We had NO idea of what our creation  would end up looking like -- even after a few more "clues"

until..we ended up
 with full blocks!

So my "Shambhala" quilt is on it's way! I'll post it once it is quilted and bound!
 It's definitely a HAPPY quilt!

We had a wonderful time! It's so great to see  how things comes to life bit by bit! It was great to share this day with so many great ladies! Hope you all have a chance to do this one day! Remember there are a lot of great "Mystery" quilts you can participate in on-line -- don't wait for it to come to you, check them out and take a chance! So much thing to see what wonderful creations there are out there! Bonnie Hunter has a new one -- check it out!  You can still get in on it! The fabric and cutting instructions just came out!

Happy Quilting everyone!


Monday, October 13, 2014

Quilting Momma's 2015 Fat Quarter Swap

Want some excitement in your quilting life without leaving the house? Love pleasant surprises that come in the mail when you least expect it?  Being that I love organizing things, I would love to arrange a Fat Quarter Swap for 2015. I will be doing this for two sessions -- January to June and July to December. For the terrified, I also have a one month try. Read my post a couple of times and then make your decision! I hope you join us!

What kind of swap is this?
- This is a "Decentralized Swap" -- means that it is more personal. You will be getting to know people all over North America. There are pro's and con's to any swap, but if you don't try, you will never find out if it works for you.

How do I cut my Fat Quarters?
- you can purchase your fat quarters already cut or refer to the diagram below on how to cut your own fat quarters:|
Learn How to Cut Fat Quarters of Fabric - © Janet Wickell

PS: One meter is 39.4" by 44" - a Yard is above in the diagram

At the beginning of each month I will announce the Swap theme on the blog, but when you sign up you will get a list of all monthly topics for your session. If you have a fabric that is suitable for a topic down the road, you can then put it aside for the upcoming month!

We will be swapping lots of fabrics through the year! Of those signed up, you will receive a "buddy" name and contact address each month.  You must send 4 various fat quarters to your "buddy". If you CHOOSE, you can also enclose a small gift (i.e. thimble, needles, pattern, something you made yourself, i.e. mug rug, etc. -- keeping the cost of said to under $5 -- remember the heavier it is, the more it will cost you to ship it). Remember that quilters come from all backgrounds, young, old, working, retired, single parents, etc. The "gift" is not a requirement, so if you do not get a trinket along with your fat quarters, please do not be disappointed.

 The fat quarters must be sent to your "buddy" by the last day of the month. If your postmark is not within that month your buddy has the choice of letting me know and the buddy will be taken off the swap roster. Once you are off the swap roster, you are off until the next swap opens.  I love my quilty friends, but I am not in the financial position to "make up" for those who have signed up but do not follow through. Taking into consideration that some geographical locations will take a bit longer for packages to arrive, please do not report your missing package until the end of the 2nd week of the following month. I will then follow up with your buddy for that month and have them track the package. If you have any questions, please email me at

If you are interested, email me your name, address and phone number and tell me a bit about yourself that you would be happy to share with your monthly buddy. Your name and contact information will only be released to your buddy for the month, phone numbers will only be used in the event that I need to make contact with you regarding a missing package. Everyone who signs up, must agree to keeping names and addresses strictly confidential. If you and your buddy for that month want to continue communicating, that is totally up to the both of you. If you wish to share your email address with your buddy, make sure you include it in your "list of things to share".  If you do not get a response from your buddy, please do not be offended -- but be kind and thank your buddy for your package. Cost of fat quarters, "gift" and shipping will be your responsibility. You must be able to ship your package by "traceable means" i.e. UPS, courier or Post. If your buddy does not receive your package by the 2nd week of the following month, I will be asking you for a copy of your trace receipt.

I will be limiting this to continental North America. Note that the Canadian's will be sending Fat Quarters in Metric, and the U.S. folks will be sending in Imperial measurements. If you feel that you are being short-changed over a couple of inches, then maybe you need to stick to a swap limited to your country. I will take into consideration these and try and spread the names as fairly as I can, but remember this is for fun.  We're not going to be fussy here -- other than

  • MUST BE GOOD QUALITY 100% QUILTING COTTON. Please be considerate and forward only unwashed/new fabric and not vintage.
  • It's ok to cut from your stash (use the Fat Quarter Measurement above) provided it meets the quality requirements and monthly theme
  • Beware of the other items you put in the mail as it may be subject to inspection if crossing borders (i.e. metal objects. Ensure that you list the items and value on your package as required)
  • Monthly theme's may not be up your alley, but remember this is a way to build your stash and get fabrics you may not ever choose yourself.
  • If you sign up, you must be committed to the swap for the full six months
  • If you choose to send me a photo of the goodies you receive, I am more than happy to post them on my blog.
If you are committed to this swap, please email me your contact information and a share-able tidbit (including your email if you want to share with your buddy) about yourself to . I will then send your contact address and shareable info to your monthly buddy. Any questions? Please email me.

There are always risks with joining a swap, but I know if we stick to it, we will have a lot of fun! We will be swapping with people all over North America, so be sure that you include a note with what you are sending and include little things that you feel your buddy may be interested in. What is your area like? What do you love the most about quilting? Remember that this is for FUN and we are looking for different fabrics! This is a great way to get unstuck in choices of fabrics! You never know what you'll find in that package that you will absolutely fall in love it! Who knows, maybe one of your buddies added a fabric that you just had to have in your next project, be it that wild African print or muted polka dots!

If you have any suggestions for our monthly swap -- let me know! We are going to have a blast!

If you are shy about this and are not sure about the 2015 swap -- I am arranging a "Sneak Peak" swap for one month. All fabrics to be mailed in the month of November. Deadline to sign up for Sneak Peak is November 1, 2014. Deadline to mail is November 30, 2014.

1. Sign up by sending me your name and contact information by November 1, 2014.
2. Theme for November is "Anything Goes!" -- that means any color, any pattern, solid, stripes, foilage, ANYTHING!
3. Subject line in your email - Sneak Peak.
4. Wait for your buddy's name and contact info.
5. Mail out four "different" fat quarters to your buddy by November 30, 2014 by traceable means.

Let's see how our Anything Goes works out! Feel free to send me photo's to include on the blog!

Happy Quilting everyone!