Saturday, January 14, 2017

Fabric Love


I have a birthday sooooooooo close to Christmas! I ask for fabric all the time, for any event and I was thrilled with the selections I got at Christmas and my birthday! Chef got me an amazing cake that I got to share with my loved ones too! I love ANYTHING lemon! The cake was absolutely amazing and I got $ to spend on MORE fabric yet! How great is that!

 Below is what I got from my beautiful oldest who is NOT a quilter! She has great taste! The baby prints were picked by my grandson who convinced his Momma that "Nana" needs to make some baby quilts! Hmmmmm I wonder if that was a hint to ME or to his Momma? 💗

Look at all the lovely choices she made! You can't tell by the photo - but the purples have a silver sheen! Silver bling! I love it! I am anxious to see how that works up!

My birthday arrived and look what I got in the mail? The Youngest signed me up for a subscription from Fridays Off ! For the next three months there will be surprises showing up at my door! I love it when I get fabric from other people because it challenges me! I'm so "matchy-matchy" as The Youngest says - I need to use more of my right-brain and pick different colors and fabrics!

 Who doesn't love a fat quarter in a card? This was a surprise fabric I received! Isn't it lovely? I'm thinking of cutting out those triangles and making some tree's out of them! Just a thought!

I decided one of the projects I would do -- AFTER I finish The Youngest and her husband's wedding quilt that is: is a block of the month from Craftsy for their 2017 Blazing Star Block of the Month.  I used all of my gift $'s to pay for the fabric for this quilt. I am stoked! Now I know those non-quilters are out there going WHAT!!! For me, I brought the fabric home and just drooled! The colors are exact to the Craftsy class with the exception of the white - the pattern called for a light tan and I went with a white. Now, tips for anyone thinking about fabrics for these classes - go with Craftsy kits. They are way cheaper than buying on your own! Lesson learned for me! They buy in such vast quantities they are able to pass on savings for those kits directly to their members. 

Remember, Craftsy has so many other classes too! Baking, painting, woodworking, cooking, knitting, etc. Many of those classes are free and the instructors are amazing. It doesn't cost anything to join and there are many classes that are FREE! Like the one I am taking. You can't take a class outside of your home for most of the costs for these online classes. Check them out!

If you have any ideas of the things I can make - let me know! I love reading your comments and better yet, getting more ideas for more things to make!

Happy Quilting Everyone!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Let's Read Some Quilt Fiction

I am an avid reader and there is nothing better than snuggling up with a good book. I usually have a few books on the go and am always looking for my next new read.

I stumbled upon a post on Christa Quilts blog about a book called "Birds in the Air by Frances O'Roark Dowell" Christina has an excerpt from the Author describing the book and it is was enough to entice me. This book merges my passion for quilting with reading, it's bound to be a page turner.
I encourage you to read Christina's blog post:

Check out and learn a little bit about the author Frances O'Roark Dowell  I know I did and while you're at it have a listen to some of Frances' pod casts full of quilting goodness.

I'm getting my mom and myself a copy of Birds in the Air to read together. I wonder if I have any other takers to read this book with us? PS. [Mom] I already bought the book for you.

Lets start 2017 with a good book in our hands!

Until next time
-The Youngest-