Sunday, August 26, 2012

PORTUGAL! Chef surprised me with a trip to Portugal and the Azores. Amazing! I wanted to bring something home for my studio that would remind me of the wonderful time that we had and keep those memories alive! As Chef and I scoured Lisbon, we planned on finding the only little quilting shop that I could find on the web! One of our travelling friends, Manuel, was kind enough to leave his own wife to shop while he helped Chef and I find this little quilt shop buried in a side street.The shop had so many fabrics from the U.S. (that I would have no issues getting here) and of course only three bolts of fabrics made in Portugal. I found some cute little sheep. Portugal has little sheep all over the beautiful green hills and mountains. The landscape somewhat reminds me of photo's from Ireland. I had to bring those little sheep across the ocean with me with hopes of being my new pin cushions. They are way too cute to use though, so they sit on a shelf overlooking my sewing machine!
The little sheep were joined with two porcelain thimbles. I don't use thimbles, but they along with the sheep, overlook the sewing area.So much porcelain that is beautiful in every way. We did go to Fatima, so of course I needed a reminder of how devoted Portugal Catholics are as they crawl on their knees in honor of God granting them their prayers.
On the sewing front, there have been babies popping up and I have had to dig out some fabric and start the journey on making one for the newest little boy born to one of my co-workers. I hope they enjoy it! Along with it, comes a little doll blanket for his big sister! I hate sending something for the little one when there are siblings around. They need to feel special too!
I've been ordering fabric and new notions! I'll post when I get them. I have had a couple of other deliveries but of course forgot to take photo's. I am lucky when I remember that I have a blog! Lately I am working on getting the UFO's completed. I finally registered for a class that I will be going to. I have this wonderful new machine and need to learn how to do my own quilting rather than keep paying someone to do it! I can do it! I know it! The biggest challenge for me is to keep motivated and get INTO the studio rather than keeping glued to my computer to see how other's are doing. I am hoping to keep knocking off those UFO's one by one! What a great feeling when they are done! I have another baby blanket top that has been completed and I'm working on the back so it's not just plain and boring -- that's the next project! Stay tuned and I hope to update you much sooner! :-) Margo