Saturday, May 31, 2014


Well the hexagon quilt is still going forward...s l o w l y. The Youngest will be 30 before it's done! That's ok as The Oldest turned 30 when I got her's done! So, in celebration of hexagons I have vowed to make one flower a day, rain or shine! So, in a year, I could feasibly have 365 flowers! She wants a queen sized-quilt. May God help me with this project! I haven't even thought about how many flowers I would need....and I don't think I need to really focus on that right now....I'll focus on one flower at a time!
All colors of flowers put together..

Pile of flowers

Stacked in a bread box for now

Hexi's packed and ready to go anywhere I go!

I tried to link up for a hexi-link-up -- but I am blog challenged. I would like to join, but apparently I am having more trouble signing up and getting all the tags etc., that I think I'd better focus on sewing instead!

How are you all doing on your projects?

Friday, May 30, 2014

Puddle Jumping by Camille Roskelly

This is the quilt that I made for Motorcycle Man's girlfriend. Kristi is a National Motorcross racer here in Canada. She races like the wind and scares the beejesus out of me (as does Motorcycle Man for his cross country racing... check out for a taste of what these folks do!) 

The quilt was an easy one. The pattern was easy to follow, but for older folks like me, the PDF format was great, but the colors on how to cut your fabric was hard to follow (blue background with silver printing...I had to turn it every which way to see the dimensions). Perhaps the newer patterns are easier to see. I did send an email to them to let them know (and no it wasn't my printer...brand new printer with new ink).

So....if you are looking for a great impressive pattern, check it out. When this was hanging at Heritage Park Festival of Quilts you could see it from a long ways! (200 meters or 656 feet ..thereabouts!) I have "Swoon" on my list, but the next quilt is a long overdue baby quilt for a co-worker! There are babies popping up everywhere, so I have quite a list of baby quilts to make...... but for today... we are going fishing!

Have a wonderful day all! Happy quilting!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Heritage Park Festival of Quilts 2014

Another year is over and I can barely wait until the next one! It's wonderful to see the amazing talent out there! Forgive me for not listing the artists and the names of their quilts! If you recognize your quilt, or you know who the artist is -- please comment and let the rest of us know!There are so many of them that I loved!

The Youngest and I had reveals today -- one for Motorcycle Man's girlfriend and another for Youngest's boyfriend.  I hope you enjoy all the photo's! Of course they are way better in person!
Quilts in front of the Wainwright Hotel

 #173 by Wayne Kollinger, "I Spy Richmond Square." You may remember Wayne from last year when I posted another of his quilts! I love this one Wayne! I think you need to let us know where to get this pattern! I think this one is also reversible. Love it! What a great gift for a wee one!

by Heather Tomlinson....don't panic! My hand is NOT on the quilt, but hovering above it to show you the scale of those tiny little squares! Her quilts were just beautiful!

#619 - Quilt by Donna Leuw - "October Rose" -- beautiful work.... little beads sewn on all over this piece. Just gorgeous!

59? -- unfortunately I didn't get a photo of the whole number. This is a quilt with small hexagons for an "I Spy" -- just marvelous! All the little kids coming up to this wanted to touch it and point out all the things they found! The recipient of this quilt will be some happy!

Little One's boyfriend is standing in front of this amazing quilt! It's a whole scene. I was just gobsmacked when I saw it. As a quilter I realize all the hard work these take! Bravo!

The reveal..... "Kristi's Mud Pudddle" that I worked on for Motorcycle Man's girlfriend. (don't worry! I told her that she could touch it and she loved the label!) I am pretty sure she really liked it! Was a fun pattern to do, but even more so when it's appreciated by the new owner!

#034 - by Morgan Brown (The Youngest) -- "Snow Tracks" -- This is the quilt that she reveled to her boyfriend. She tired Accuquilt's log cabin die for this one. I think she did an amazing job don't you? I am sure this is not the end of her quilting career!

I think her boyfriend was suitably impressed. Don't panic! Morgan gave him permission to touch...she is the quilter!

Here is Youngest with her boyfriend. I think he was quite surprised!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Heritage Park Festival of Quilts 2014 and Family

So today I attended Heritage Park Quilt Festival with Chef! It was amazing and I walked miles and miles. Tomorrow is the day I was to surprise my son, Motorcycle Man's girlfriend....but ended up spilling the beans early! More to come in a couple of days.... Flash forward to this evening when Motorcycle Man needed to have a part for his flying camera part...something that I went running for. So for all you guys out there..who love your Momma's ... remember that Momma's will always have some kind of photo of you to brag about.

Motorcycle Man's first quilt...before he got carried away with all his biking! (Now realize that there is a fine line between how expensive quilting is ... sewing and parts for computers, bikes. the gear...everything). I know that quilting is the lesser of these two evils! ( has kept me out of the hospital! ok ok....thumb injections maybe!

Love you Motorcycle Man! This one is for you!

November 1998.... he sewed the blocks and I assisted with the rest!

Happy Quilting all and keep those tires on the ground!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Sewing Room Re-vamp!

My absence has been warranted...this time! I found a great deal on Kijiji for furniture and bought it for myself for Mother's Day! It's all handmade with tongue and grove drawers and once I had it in my room, I swear it was made for it!

I've been searching for new furniture to organize all the stuff that I have, but then again the room I have didn't grow! Limited by my budget, I am really happy with what I found and it has tons of space to organize! I can configure it the way I want to suit my purpose! I love it! Take a look!

When you stand in the doorway this is what you see

in the corner is where my TV sits. To the right is the stand that holds my Accuquilt and a few boxes of kits and miscellaneous fabric. The TV stand holds my ribbons and ric rac, along with the bottom basket is toys for the little man when he comes to visit.

The stand with my iron is still in progress. Chef is going to raise it to the same level as the TV stand and the cupboards below the window. The little cupboards that Tigger is sitting on, hold various craft supplies. the drawers below are for embroidery, hoops and of course a cupboard for the Little Man for his craft supplies.

To the left of Tigger is another drawer for fabrics. Rather than take off the legs, I wanted a space for my extra cutting boards and of course a couple of boxes with projects in the works. Below the drawer set are four deep cupboards that hold all my plastic containers with my fabric. All my pre-cuts are there (i.e. charm squares, jelly rolls etc.)

This next cupboard is to the left of the window. It can be either on legs, or as I have it. I put all my filling and batting in it. It's strong enough for us to sit on, or recently the Little man tucked his blanket and pillow on it to watch TV. I wanted it low enough that I am able to still use my design wall.

Next to the batting box was my previous drawer on wheels. It holds all my machine parts, thread and of course bobbins. The jelly cupboard to the left of that (with the black book on it) holds the rest of my thread. The bookcase is basically the same with my fat quarters. To the left is another corner bookcase that came with the furniture. It holds odds and ends right now and things I want closer to me.

Looking to the door, is my sewing machine and of course my cutting table. My extension table butts up to my cutting table, so if I am sewing a large quilt, I have the table to support it. I have two filing cabinets under the cutting table that I am still thinking about relocating, or repurposing. For now, they are staying where they are. Of course my handy retreat tote is close in case I want to pull something out of it. 
The view from my seat. Tigger in his glory being able to sleep and look out at the window when he wants (I'll have to sew a cover that matches the rest of the room). My TV is fabulous as the Blue Ray that is hooked up to it lets me watch You Tube as well as Netflix. It's a great set up and I love it! Now I have room for more stash (heaven forbid!) I'm working towards more creativity and using up the stash that I have! So far, I've been doing a lot of browsing and less sewing!

Next weekend is Heritage Park Quilt Festival! The projects are set and ready to go. More on that after next weekend! I get to drop them off tomorrow! Meantime this week is slated for finishing up long due baby quilts! My hand is feeling much better! I have arthritis in my thumb joint (MCL) and I went for an x-ray guided injection a few weeks ago. It is feeling much better now! Typing for most of my life for a job isn't something that great for it, nor is my quilting -- but it's something I never want to give up -- typing AND quilting! 

Happy Quilting Everyone! What do you have in your sewing room that works for you?

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Quilter's injuries

Ok so it may not be a quilter's injury -- but most likely from typing for 45+ years! It makes me wonder what this new generation will be facing with their games, texting, iPod'ing, all that stuff. Communication is no longer just picking up the phone and speaking in person. I miss a lot of that old type of communication -- but I love meeting people through blogs as well as classes.

I have been taking a break from quilting for a couple of weeks as I have arthritis in my thumb joints. My left hand was so bad it ached constantly. My grandson grabbed my thumb to pull himself up and I thought I would pass out! Thus....I went for a cortisone injection. The injection was to help ease the pain of the joints pushing together..but it lasted for a couple of days and then's back. Sucks. That's all I can say! Getting old sucks! ha ha!

So this weekend, I am getting some new-to-me furniture in the sewing room. I'll be busy organizing, and re-organizing! That in itself is exciting!

So thanks for checking out my blog! Keep sewing and let me know what you are doing --- it will keep me motivated and work towards getting some piecing under the machine again!