Tuesday, October 18, 2016

We're hitched!

We planned this last summer, but kept "Mum" when the Youngest and her love announced their wedding to be! They deserve all the excitement and planning! We're much too old for all of that! We are so happy that all that excitement is left with The Youngest and my future son-in-law!

The Youngest had her bachelorette planned, then the date got changed [to the day before our nuptials!] We were sad that The Youngest and my oldest daughter and her son [our grandson] couldn't make it but the rest of  our kids and their partners did! Despite it all we really did have a perfect day!

Chef and I wanted to focus on our promises to each other. We both love the mountains and try to get there when we can. We found an absolutely breathtaking spot in Canmore, Alberta at Quarry Lake.

Our elopement was simple and relaxed! My best friend, a retired judge, was there to marry us! We will remember it forever and have a very special day in our hearts!

How could we NOT have a quilt with us? LOL... This is the quilt that my lovely husband encouraged me to finish when he gifted me with my Baby Lock shortly after we met! This is one of the "fun" photo's! We had such a great time on "our" day!

Now on to the next wedding for The Youngest! Jamaica here we come!!

Happy Quilting from Quilting Momma LEIB!