Saturday, April 16, 2016

Highland Dance - Sword Bag

This next project was a bit of an experiment. A good friend of mine asked if I could make a Bag for her daughters Highland Dance practice swords. This was a first, I think I can safely say that I have never made a sword bag before.

As usual  Tigger always comes to help. He was my cheerleader for this project.
He even came over to hold my hand while I was sewing!

The instructions were pretty simple. The bag had to hold the swords and close that was it ☺ Alright I think I can handle that. I went through my stash and found some fabric I thought would work well and still look relatively cute. The last thing I wanted was this bag to look like a mish-mash of left over fabric.
I ended up using the black script fabric from the quilt I made my mom and the flannel tartan fabric I had from the Christmas infinity scarfs. Also my Mom was kind enough to gift me some muslin fabric for the lining.

I ended up placing two grommets on underside of the tartan and used a "Robert Kaufman" ribbon which I found in my Moms craft drawer for the drawstring closure. While digging though my Moms craft drawer I came across all these great beads. I threaded a Groovy peace sign bead onto the drawstring to add a little flare.

Then lastly with my Moms advice the carrying strap was attached. The strap was a little long at first but with quick thinking that extra length was turned into a handy hook to hang the sword bag by.

To make sure the bag and its strap worked I give it a little test drive☺

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- The Youngest-
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East Coast Quilt - WIP

Here is a project I have had hidden in my drawer for sometime. I think it goes back to 2011- 2012.
I have quite a few friends from the east coast and they always had these amazing quilts with hand drawn pictures of things that reminded them of home. I have always admired the hard work and thought it took to draw out all the pictures. Being one who likes a challenge I thought I would try my hand at creating one of these East Coast Quilts.
Sadly I was not blessed with the ability to draw, the extent of my drawing skills is limited to stick men. I cannot take credit for the designs below. I found east coast inspired pictures online and used them as my template for the blocks. I taped the outline of the pictures to the window and placed my blank block over top. I then traced the picture with a fine pencil and coloured it in as saw fit with crayons.
To set the newly coloured block I placed a scarp piece on fabric over top the block and heat set the crayon design with the iron. The excess wax from the crayons transferred to the scarp piece of fabric and I was left with a nicely set picture block.
Below are some of the blocks I have done to date. I think they look half decent! When they are all sewn together with a nice tartan fabric in between I think it look great.
The quilt will be comprised of (12) 12" x 12" blocks - (3) across (4) down with tartan fabric for the sashing and borders.
I have (9) blocks down and only 3 more to go. So close to the finish line ... with that said it may take a couple more years ha-ha.



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-The Youngest -
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