Saturday, June 17, 2017

Heritage Park Quilt Festival 2O17 - QUILTER OF DISTINCTION Trudy Cowan

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Opppps, my bad - [The Youngest]

Wow! Lots to show and tell! I'll start [Quilting Momma]! We had the wonderful opportunity of meeting Trudy Cowan! Now let you give you MY take on why I believe she is the Quilter of Distinction! 

1. She is personable and loves talking quilts!
2. She talks to you like you've been a friend for years and shares her journey with you!
3. She welcomes you with open arms and encourages you to ask questions!
4. I don't think she even knows what "Quilt Police" means! ha ha!
5. she is AWE-INSPIRING! [I secretly want to have her talents!]

Here's Trudy.....isn't she beautiful! and her quilt is too!
I asked her to pose in front of her favorite quilt! Now every quilt in there was stunning, so she suggested a photo in front of the room as you enter. It is 3D and there are no words to describe how amazing it is! The detail just blows you away! You want to reach out and touch [don't worry! I did NOT touch....but I wanted to just to see how it was done!] You would laugh as I was inches away looking at the details. Most of the time the expression on my face displayed pure awe! 

The shock? Take a look at this quilt..... now look at the photo below:

the 'branches' are all thread! Honest to goodness it looks like the leaves/needles were picked and freshly plunked on the quilt! Believe me it's all fibre! 

The Train quilt photo does NOT show the true beauty of this piece. The steam is layers of fabric, tulle and organza! It seems as though the steam and snow is coming right off the quilt! Just amazing! She based this quilt on a photo that she took at Heritage Park with the REAL live deal! It's just incredible!

Trudy read an article about the Smoke Jumpers....those firefighters that parachute into the line of fire to battle these blazes! You can feel the flames coming off this piece! Hearing Trudy talk about it to us made us feel like we were right there in the plane waiting for them to jump!

I could have spent the whole afternoon talking with her! Trudy Cowan....thank you so much for your time and patience with us as we drilled you with questions! You are truly an amazing artist extraordinaire! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

PS..... Trudy will have a book coming out in the next year or two that she is illustrating with quilts! It's all about a little grey mouse....who lives in a world quite drab......until she walks into a quilt shop!!! We got to see some of the works in progress! Let's just say you HAVE TO GET HER BOOK!!!! I can hardly wait to share it with the wee one's in our family!

Happy Quilting!
[aka. Quilting Momma]

Monday, June 5, 2017

Heritage Park Quilt Festival 2017 - part 2


This quilt is based off of the 4 elements (Fire, Water, Earth & Air) and each corner of the quilt
was dedicated to one of the elements.   

I am a sucker for any quilts that resemble forests. I really like how this quilt transitions.  

Of course Blacks, Greys & Blue - One of my ultimate favorite colour combinations.

Stand back and watch this design pop. This pixelated puppy quilt was very creative.

"The Old King Eddie" This picture was taken just for my husband.

It was nice to see this gentleman admiring all the quilts. 

We had to take a picture of this one. It was made in honour of Canada's 150th birthday. 
My Mom later surprised me with the panel that the "Fredericton & Charlottetown" came from.

I am very excited to make my very own "Canadian" quilt.

This is the quilt I made for my Mom and my 2nd quilt entry. This quilt is usually hung in my Moms living room. It was from a quilt kit that my she got for me many moons ago and it was my first and so far only attempt at Y-Seams. 

These two really nice ladies were deep in discussion looking at my 2nd quilt entry. We wandered over and found out they were trying to figure out a way how NOT to do the Y-seams ha-ha.

My Mom spilled the beans and told them that this was my quilt entry.
Both of them entered quilts as well, they each made a "One Block Wonder" quilt.

This was the first time I had heard about this quilt pattern and it couldn't be any more fantastic.
I love how these quilts look as if you were staring into a kaleidoscope.

They also shared a great website with us where you can enter in an image of your fabric and it will show you what that fabric may look like as a "One Block Wonder"
*Warning* This Design helper is addicting.

One Block Wonder Quilt - This is now on my "to do " list

Alright so the below picture is of B and I at our grade 9 Grad which so happened to be at Heritage Park. This is one of those classic pictures that seems to pop up every now and then. We thought heck why not try to re-create this picture.

THEN  ~ 2002ish

NOW - 2017

Until Next Time
-The Youngest-

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Heritage Park Quilt Festival 2017 - part 1

Mom and I are starting something of a tradition of going to the Heritage Park Quilt Festival.
I truly enjoy walking around the grounds and looking at all the projects. It is so inspiring to see the different patterns and colour combinations of other quilters.

I always leave with a goodie bag full of new projects, fabrics, gadgets, and so much more.

This year two of my good friends joined us at the festival. Both are new to sewing and are very talented. I am sure they have "whipped up" more than 10 quilts between them and they both only started quilting towards the end of 2016. How fantastic, I do believe the quilt bug has bit them. 

Many say quilting is a lost art and that it is slowly dieing out. Especially when it is so easy to go to the big box stores and buy a factory made quilt for a fraction of the price.

Now it may be less popular and geared to a different generation however Mom and I are doing our best to entice as many people as we can to give quilting a try. 

All the girls from Moms Irish Chain Quilt class pitched in and got her a cute thank you present.
My Mom was so shocked that the girls thought of her as you can see by the smile on here face.
She opened this before we went down to the grounds. This was a good way to start our day.

Mom, Me & B 
The mandatory Selfie


Dog Gone Cute
Pattern by: Sew Fresh Quilts


I took a picture of the above quilt and sent it to my Husband. I said there was a perfect quilt here for him. He has a deep love for the band Gun's n' Roses. I think this quilt fits!