Monday, April 3, 2017

Snowflake Applique

I must have a short attention span because I have to constantly switch up my projects and take on more and more and more.

My WIPs (work in progress) are getting a bit out of hand. Does anyone else have this problem? This was my latest WIP however I have motored along and got this one completed.

I love looking at Pinterest and getting new ideas and I came along a picture of a very simple snowflake design. These days I am determined to only use my stash! So I dug through my messy fabric stash drawer seeing if I had any fabric that would work for the "Snowflake".

Fast forward through all the digging and it turns out I was in luck. I had all the right fabric colours, turns out most of the fabric I picked was from Fridays Off. Now all I needed was some guidance from my all knowing "Mom". I have never attempted applique before and you know "Mom knows best".

I was drawn to this pattern for its simple yet impactful design.
Plus I have been wanting to use my new orange peel template.  

After a long sew day at Moms 
(me sewing & mom teaching - she is still recovering from her 2nd hand surgery)
I had the top completed in no time. I have no idea why I never attempted applique before.

My amazing Husband was gracious enough to hold up the quilt top for me =D

Next was the basting. My mom read about a new technique called board basting and she thought I would be the perfect student to test it out.

It worked perfect and I easily basted the entire quilt MYSELF - yay! Usually it helps with a second set of hands for basting but seeing that my Mom is out of commission I was out of luck.

I was flying solo, and it worked out fine.

 Usually I have my quilts professionally machine quilted but it was decided that I should do this one from start to finish. I am a BIG NEWBIE when it comes to machine quilting and was laughing uncontrollably and at the same time thinking "What have I done" HAHA 

HOWEVER in the end I think the quilting actually looks really great.
Why oh Why must I second guess myself.

This quilts new home will be for an adorable baby boy who was born in January. A blue snowflake quilt for a beautiful winter baby.

Until next time
- The Youngest-