Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A year has gone by along with my best intentions of writing on a regular basis!

Work has been busy, but my studio has been taking amazing shape!
After researching blogs, websites, library books and ideas of all sorts, I have a functional "space" that is amazing. I have loaded the photo's of the new space. I love spending time in there when I can! Unfortunately my camera is not behaving, so my apologies for the colors! Picture LIME GREEN toned down a couple of notches!

Chef wasn't too excited about the color, but I think it's been growing on him! We went out and got a nice leather chair for him to sink into when he feels like keeping me company for a spell.

I've become a "Grandma" since my very first post and have figured out how to "Skype" while sewing! Technology -- what an amazing thing.

Speaking of technology...I went to my favorite quilt shop, My Sewing Room, and was browsing through all the newest of gadgets and of course sewing machines! My sewing machine is a Singer that I got when the kids were small. It has been great over the years and has sewn endless Halloween costumes, PJ's that Santa left under the tree, patching ripped knees and the like. Now that I'm back in the quilting saddle so to speak, I'm realizing how "nice" certain things would be. How wonderful to have the needle stop in your sewing. What would it be like to have the presser foot lift with a separate knee control when my hands are holding those little pieces in place? The wish list has started, as has my little "sewing machine fund" for the one day that I can upgrade what I have.

Meantime, I keep reading the blogs, searching the websites and learning as much as I can about this wonderful art!

Have a great one all!

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