Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My long journey with this quilt is now complete!

The quilt is back from Heritage Park and the weather was nice enough to snap a few photo's. This quilt is for my daughter's birthday next weekend. It's my design based on Lady Liberty Goes to Hawaii by Karen Stone. I started this when I first learned how to quilt (this was my second project! ha ha) It was so overwhelming that it was put away for quite a few years until I got the courage to start on it again. My daugher let me know that she wanted a "queen size". I couldn't face making any more of these squares and decided I would put lattice between the blocks and add to the side borders. The tree's were an addition that have special meaning in their placement. Every piece through the years relate directly to her life -- whether it be her love life, her work, her hopes or her dreams or memories as a little girl all the way up to the beautiful woman she has become.

Happy Birthday my wonderful girl! I love you!

My longarm gal, Karen Morrison, did a beautiful job.( also know as Queen B Quilting and a member of Nimble Thimbles Quilt Club from Airdrie)  I just love what she can do! I take my stuff to her and just let her go with it. I am hoping that she had fun with this one. It's larger than a queen and pretty close to being king-size. My daughter wanted her quilt to drop down the sides. The length is long enough that if she wants to tuck her pillows under she can do so.

 I love how Karen didn't take away from the piecing and let those point's show through. Interesting how some of the squares look to me now. The newer squares I can pick out because of the fabric trends thorugh the years.

The trees so simple in construction, but so effective on the border.

Have faith in your longarm professional. Let me tell you...though I am learning to do my own quilting, it is sure easier to pass it on rather than wrestle a king-size through your machine. Note that I have not washed or blocked this quilt due to time restrictions. Once I happen to do that, the quilting will show more and it will fluff up more! I love it even before doing that!

Happy Birthday daughter of mine!
You are loved forevermore!

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