Friday, July 19, 2013

FART! (Fabric Aquisition Road Trip) and that good old MOTIVATION

Yuk! All my good intentions of posting on a regular basis got away from me again! I was down with pneumonia and then had an asthma attack that landed me in the hospital! Now one thing I discovered was I couldn't sew because of sheer exhaustion not to mention fabric fuzz/lint! I am finally back on the mend, so I hope to get back in the groove!

I "think" I am understanding this Blogger a abit more. At least I am reading some of my favorite blogs using Blogger! It's so great seeing all those ideas and dreaming about all those projects!

Speaking of projects! Chef and I are headed back into the U.S. for our summer vacation! Wuuuuu Whoooo! Fabric Aquisition Road Trip! I have my quilt journal with me so I can load up on my "wish list" at prices that I can afford! While I was sick, the only thing I could do was watch some You Tube. I found some great little tutorials and started my wish list for the trip!

Through my blog browsing I read about an idea of having a "Quilt Journal". Now some people have a journal documenting their quilts, recording the fabrics and patterns (who pieced, who quilted, what brands of fabrics and designer names, etc.). I have also read that a Quilt Journal is a source of motivation. I am now on my second one! Just a little notebook that I can keep in my purse and take with me.

How many times have you found yourself in a quilt shop/fabric shop trying to figure out what you were short of? I know, quilters will ALWAYS use ANY fabrics that they find! I've learned to write down the "wish list" in my journal. I also write down my online orders so I know what should be coming (and I write the dates down of when I receive it so I know how long it takes to get from the shop to my studio!). I have written down a few lines on the days I am in the studio, whether it's sorting fabric, stitching, quilting, organizing! I find that it motivates me to do more! When I look back, rather than feel dejected over the "little" that I do, reading through my journal shows me how much I really have accomplished!

I've been taking some CRAFTSY classes as well. My notes go into my little journal along with again the things I want to purchase go into my book. I found that rather than my money spent on things that will really take forever to touch or items that invariably are duplicated, I am picking up the items that are really helping me on my quilt journey! When I read blogs and find new ideas that I don't want to forget I write it in my journal!

My list of UFO's are in there as well! It's motivating to see my list get knocked down and new projects getting added to the list. I've realized that my little journal has been motivation itself -- sitting there, calling my name to write down the idea's or review what's "next" on my list! I've managed to knock off quite a few of those UFO's just by writting bits about them and looking at the list on a regular basis. I finish them one by one and pat myself on my back! FINALLY the list is getting done! I am one of those who has to FINISH before I start a new project....but thanks to all those blogs out there, I have learned that having more than one project on the go is also OK!

So my wish for you all is to continue all your projects, keep blogging about them and share your ideas! The best motivation of all is seeing all those wonderful works and knowing that one day I will learn to quilt as good as the rest of you!

So with that... I say THANK YOU! Happy Quilting!

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