Friday, January 22, 2016

Start a little bit at a time!

My hand therapist is going to be thrilled with me! I got some old straggling blocks and decided I would quilt it for a small zipper bag I want to make! I can keep my left hand flat-ish and guide the fabric.  This block is about 12" square. Thus far it has taken me about  7 days to get this far. I can do about 3 lines before my hand needs a rest believe it or not! I don't want to push it and be put back weeks. I have a hard enough time typing - but, my physiotherapist says that I must do things that may be a wee bit uncomfortable! My time is limited as I have to take morphine for the nerve pain - thus operating any machinery would not be a good idea! With my luck I would probably sew my other hand to the block!

I also have an intent supervisor!
"Take it easy," he says!

"I think you've done enough"

"You missed a stitch!"

"OK, time to shut off the machine!"

Happy Quilting Everyone!



Anonymous said...

Good job your cat keeps in you in line! They are very good at that. =) Your lines of stitching are so straight and parallel - great job, even 1.5 handed.

Margo said...

Hey thanks Susan! A bit at a time! One day I'll be doing as much as you! heehee