Friday, March 11, 2016

Fabric love and Quilting Momma's update

Back in February, when I was still majorly depressed about my difficulty sewing -- lookie what arrived in the mail. Being limited in using my hands, I would enter a few giveaways and I fell in love with this adorable line!

Can you believe it! I won this fat quarter bundle of Flying Colors by Momo!

The fabric is just adorable! It brought me back to when I was pregnant with my oldest and her dad and I were wallpapering the nursery! At that time we almost got a divorce fighting over putting up wallpaper while I was on a chair 9+ months pregnant trying to hang it! Lo and behold we got the wallpaper up on the one wall! It was beautiful! It wasn't until the week later when I was showing off the nursery to my sister. She asked me, "Why are the rainbows upside down?" GASP! They were! The fabric is an exact replica of those rainbows with the exception that the wallpaper background was yellow instead of the blue!

You can take a look at the fat quarter bundle here. I think this is going to make a perfect lap-quilt for my oldest -- she can then have the rainbows any which way she wants!

On the homefront -- I am healing, albeit a bit slow. I am able to do a bit of stitching, as tolerated [which isn't much]. I am wearing splints on both hands now as my dominant right hand has been overworked! Tomorrow I see a neurologist to see what we can do about pain control. In June, I will be going for an MRI for the surgery hand as I still continue  have pain. I am hoping to head back to work in the next couple of weeks {crossing my fingers and praying!}. I work for an amazing company that is helping me come back without causing further damage. I have had a rehab specialist, a kinesiologist, hand specialist, surgeon, family doctor, and of course equipment set up to help. Thankfully for Canada, I am able to have all this. Without it, I honestly don't know what I would do.

 The plastic on top of the thumb is to hold my thumb in a place where I don't hyper-extend it.

My new nifty keyboard! The components are meant to be in odd positions, including hanging off a bit off the tray. They are very solid and heavy and will not be moving. The ergonomic specialist set this up for me last week.

My surgery hand [left] is still troubling me. The base of my thumb is drawing into my palm, but splinting and exercises are sure to continue to help [I am hoping!] Otherwise, my left [with the ring] is looking really great!

Happy Quilting and making all!
You have to do double for now until I can join you!

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