Saturday, October 20, 2012

Georgetown Inn, Canmore, Alberta

Along with Creative Stitches -- a weekend wouldn't be complete without a wonderful getaway with Chef Murphy. He surprised me with this place in February this year and I decided to surprise him for his birthday this weekend! Take a look at how beautiful this place is! Every room is beautiful and they treated us like gold. I just love that the rooms are not cookie cutter! The food in their "pub" was fantastic and again we were not dissapointed. If you are looking for a peaceful and romantic place -- this is it. By the way, they also welcome scrapbookers and quilters as well as they have great workrooms that a group can gather in.
One of the other rooms we got to stay in! *sigh*
They have an old-fashioned elevator where you open the door yourself and have to hold the button in for it to move. The rooms are cozy and warm. What a gem of a get-away! Call them up and make a reservation! Take your honey there for a night away! ;-) You deserve it!

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