Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pink Chalk Fabrics AND Chef Murphy's Schnitzels!

How lucky can a girl get? A package in the mail on a Sunday no less and Chef Murphy is making me Schnitzels for dinner!
Building on your stash is always a good thing! One of the quilts that I thought should be in my future is a scrap quilt by colour. All those little pieces that I have been tossing out will be now saved and will go towards the new colour quilt that I have planned. I love the Kona Cotton Starter! Look at those beautiful colours! I couldn't resist getting a yard of Dena McKenzie fabric. I thought when I ordered that it was purely black and white, but once you look at it IRL (in real life), there is a bit of pink. Love it anyways! The bobbin saver is something new. I am always having issues with keeping thread and bobbins in an organized manner! So many of the old threads in the studio are mixed (i.e. polyester, rayon etc.) I am still trying to find a way to manage those. Slowly, but surely those too will be organized and under control! Loving Pink Chalk Fabrics! Their service was a bit slow, but I am sure that it's the postal system and NOT the company! My order was sent out within 2 days of my ordering -- but took a while to get here! (My order was on Sept 22 and arrived here today!) Needless to say -- it was worth the wait! Check them out! You won't be dissapointed!

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