Friday, June 20, 2014

#98 Baby Bumper pads

Well the cradle is with the new Mommy-to-be! She's been nesting and was awaiting the cradle. I think she's more at ease now, so my new Great Niece can come any day now!
You can tell there is a little wear and tear on the cradle. I think one of the babies parents down the line got some pain  (haha) paint on one of the sides, a chip here and there, but perfectly safe for the wee one. It's all cleaned up and the wood is in good shape. All the nuts and bolts are how they should be and it rocks perfectly or if she doesn't want that, they key locks it in place so it is still. My son, who is now 28, was in the cradle until he was 6 months old. It's quite roomy...and certainly great for a new wee one!

Your spot is ready wee one! May you arrive safe and sound and be good to your Momma! We are waiting anxiously!

Now on to wee one's quilt!

Happy Quilting everyone! I'll be in my sewing room!


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