Monday, June 23, 2014

#99 Design Wall Monday and talented family

I have read enough blogs to realize that mine is a bit pedestrian. Alas my reason for blogging is to leave a legacy to my kids and hopefully spur their creative juices! I thought I would show you what's on the design wall this week and introduce you a bit to my family.

Here is what I am working on this week and hope to finish by the weekend!
I have yet to add two more borders and then get to quilting!

So, on to the family...

My Oldest is a wonderful scrapbooker -- when she can! She's dabbled as well with pottery and I have been blessed with some of her creations! One of them sits in my sewing room to hold all my scissors and marking pens, etc. She is a single mom, full time student and employee extraordinaire! I am very proud of her! Her "ex" decided he didn't want to be a parent and gave her the choice of either him or:

I am so proud of her. She is a great mommy and recently graduated from her second program while juggling parenthood, studies and a job! I know the Little Man has encouraged her to excellence! I'm not only blessed by a wonderful daughter, but a terrific grandson as well! He by the way is the family cat tamer and tent blanket developer.

My Middle aka Motorcycle Man is talented with marketing, advertising as well as a cross-country racing (motorcycles)! I have suffered more than one mini-mock heart attack with him, but I am so impressed that he does what he does. He's a talented photographer, videographer as well as designing posters, websites, etc. (and no he didn't design mine...) He has been published too many times to count and does it all because he loves the motorcycles sports.

One of Motorcycle Man's websites he works on is . Check it out. He's also in the upcoming "On Any Sunday" documentary with his ice racing that will come to a theatre near you in the Fall of 2014.  

The Youngest of course is a quilter herself. Much different than me though. She gets a project in her head and will sew into the wee hours until it's DONE! Usually she will start a project on a Friday here at my place and sew until Sunday night! You've seen some of her works on my blog! In high school she was a talented seamstress, though has not done that for a while. She's more into her quilting and is also a decorating diva! She can make any house into a show home!

Chef, is just that. A wonderful Chef who is a talented butcher, cheese maker, winemaker, etc. He's a retired culinary arts instructor as well as his career with being an executive chef. He feeds me, tries new recipes on me and is my best friend (best friend being the first in the list!). He is my adventurous  travel and fishing partner!

Chef also has two sons who are both great outdoors men. Give them a mountain, ice cave, summit, sheer rock, you name it - they will take it on! That in itself is another talent! The photo's they bring us from their adventures amaze us! Both boys are following in their dad's footsteps with culinary arts in their spare time!

So... in a nutshell, I am blessed and wish them, and you all a wonderful creative journey! They say you need to exercise your creative part of your brain in order to function at your full capacity! Keep doing something... be it woodworking, needlepoint, cooking ... whatever you have passion for! Whatever you choose, do it because it makes you happy and your heart sing!

For me....I'm on to happy Quilting!



Anonymous said...

What a lovely family! I need the services of that younger daughter. Your older one obviously made the right choice. =) Love the airplane quilt.

Margo said...

Amen to the oldest cq4fun! I am very blessed with them all! Going to go look at your flower/s now..... :-) I will post mine tomorrow!