Sunday, March 15, 2015

Dreary days and treadling comfort!

A dreary day outside, makes for great treadling inside! I've broken in the new belt, so treadling is quite easy! I'm loving the scrap quilt so far. So nice to use all those pieces that were in the basket. A couple of posts back I went through the scrap basket and organized it. This quilt will be from the leftover's that could't be cut any further. Either that or I was too tired after all that cutting? The pieces I am using are strips that vary in width and length. They are perfect for this scrappy strings quilt! Chef was watching me treadle away in the living room.

"Are those the scraps that you didn't cut up?" he asked.

"These are the pieces I couldn't cut into pieces I could really use."

After a few minutes he said, "Hey that's a really great idea!"

God love him! He's such a good man! So... as I take a bit of a break to update you, I can look over at Gertie and be thankful that old machine for so many years ago is doing such a great job. There's a squeak somewhere that I'm trying to find as I treadle away! I found out that Gertie is a bit selective with thread --mostly operator error I'm sure. I am working on how to adjust tensions and the like! The little manual they have is pretty vague, so I'm open to any suggestions you have!

I found that treadling is very calming. My legs sure felt it last night - so that's a bonus! Cardio I am sure! ha ha! Meantime "Sophia" - the Babylock Symphony is taking a rest. Before you know it my retreat will be here and off to Banff I go! Take a look at the beauty of our retreat surroundings:


Our hotel has a beautiful rock fireplace that I sit by when I bind. It's a great little break from just sitting in front of the machine all day and all night!  Can you imagine sitting here?

 It's been a long winter and I am looking forward to a break! Even though there will be snow in the mountains, there is such a peace that surrounds you there. Sitting in front of a crackling fire with a quilt on your lap can't be beat!

Happy Quilting Everyone....hope you are enjoying your Sunday!


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