Saturday, March 14, 2015

Scrap quilting for beginners!

 Grab those scrap strips! Doesn't matter how big, or how wide -- you will use it all!

Grab some newsprint. It can be old phone book pages like Bonnie Hunter uses, or you can buy foundation paper - like I did at $16.00 a package! This paper is as thin as phone book paper. You can even go to the dollar stores and buy some kids drawing paper that's thin. You need to be able to tear the paper off the back! 

I wanted to be a bit consistent with one piece on my blocks. You can see that its the center white strip. Start with that. I put a glue stick down the center of the paper and patted the white strip down. Cut the end. Doesn't have to be exact, At the end of all your sewing, you will flip it over and trim the overhanging fabric to the size of the paper. For ease, I just cut the paper in 1/2 from the original letter size. This will give me nice diamonds for the final product. 
There are loads of photo's on the internet for "scrap quilts". Check it out!

You can see I've sewn a few strips already. Very simple, line up right side to right side and sew 1/4" down the side. Press it over and open and lay your next strip. Flip it over and then sew your strips onto the left side of the white strip. Voila! you have your squares! In this case, rectangles!

It goes quick! You don't need to really measure anything other than your beginning paper. You can use any colors. No rules!  Even if you wanted to make a whole load of scrappy squares in different sizes -- go for it! You can even use triangles and put them all together. If you want to use consistent widths of scraps -- do it! If you want to use the same colors --yep you can do that too!

My goal is to use Gertie for all of my scraps on this quilt. It will be a work in progress and I'll be able to use all those scraps that have been sitting around! I think it's a great way to do something that's not really "planned". This will be my first "scrappy" quilt, so I'm happy to put Gertie to use! 

Happy Quilting Everyone!

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