Monday, October 8, 2012

Another finish

Finally completed the baby quilt that has been on the design wall for a month! It's been a busy month and now under the gun I finally finished it! The quilt has been "pre-hugged" for the new little one by "Nana and Grandpa". Very different colours, and I hope it will be worn to pieces! Gotta love it when a little one drags a quilt all over the place! I will be more than happy to fix up the holes! To me it means the quit has been well loved! The BEST compliment any quilter can get!
Wish I could have taken a better photo, but it's late for the mail as it is!
I contemplated putting the baby's name on the back, but then of course because I'm a paranoid Nana, if it was out in public, strangers would know the baby's name. Still in the era of "Stranger Danger" I opted on "B A B Y". I had a big band that I had to fill in with something. Chef Murphy picked out the fabric for the letters and I rolled with it.
Another new thing for me (don't know if you can see it or not), was to piece the binding in different fabric. As it was a "make as you go" quilt, I just pieced together what I had and went with it. I hope they like it! Maybe I'll be lucky enough to get a photo with the wee one and the quilt to share! Happy stitchin' all and oh! HAPPY TURKEY DAY!

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Anonymous said...

This quilt will always warm my heart and make me think of how wee my babe once was x