Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Gypsy Bitty Buddy thread and scrap catcher

Hello everyone! Welcome to Tuesday! I received a really nice email from Jenny in Wisconsin ;-) Thanks Jenny! She gave me some great ideas to add to my Retreat List. I have asked her permission to share, so hang tight until I hear back from her.

She did suggest though to add a "bag" on the list to catch all your bits of fabric and threads. I too was looking for something and found the Bitty Buddy a couple of years ago! I LOVE IT!

Here is what it looks like when it's collapsed:

The Bitty Buddy does come with a loop of elastic to wrap around. I've stretched mine out so much that it doesn't hold mine flat. I have had to resort to those fabric elastics (purple of course!) to hold it flat while I travel. You can get a good idea as to the size with my Olfa (regular size) sitting beside it.

 It's deep enough to hold a LOT of scraps and threads and it's lightweight!

Mine hangs off a command hook off my sewing machine table. Close enough where I can toss threads into it and in a spot where it doesn't take away from my sewing space. At sew days, I have even resorted to using painters tape on the elastic tab to hold it to the table. I love it! I think I paid about $5 for mine, but keep your eye out for those sales, or put it on your "Wish List".

I've added a couple of websites where you may purchase one. Or, in your travels you may spy one at your local quilt shop!


Stay tuned for more! Happy quilting/creating everyone!


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