Saturday, March 1, 2014

Quilting Retreat List

What do you pack for your retreat? I have compiled a list for my upcoming retreat and hope that I didn't miss anything! I have my carrier after all and lots of little spaces to fill. Along with my sewing machine and of course my suitcase for my personal things -- I am hoping I will not forget anything!

From facilitating classes in the past in other areas that I taught as well as my own emergency last summer -- one thing that I swear by is the EMERGENCY CARD. Write up a small recipe card with the following:
- your full name and emergency contact information
- your family doctor and your date of birth and weight (in case medications need to be administered -- and don't fib on this one.. remember the card doesn't have to be seen by anyone unless it's an emergency)
- list any pre-existing conditions you have (i.e. high blood pressure, asthma, etc.)
- any medications you are taking and any allergies you may have.

This card doesn't need to be out in the open, but you have to let either the facilitator know where it is, or have it with you so that someone can find it if you are unable to speak. I'm very much a worrier (must be from my job and my own health scare!) I would rather be prepared than sorry! My extra card will be put into an envelope on the back of my sewing machine while at retreats and sew-days. I have one also in my wallet that is easy to see. Better that it is never looked at, or in the event that it's needed, it is there to tell them what they need to know!

Thank heavens I thought of this since my last ambulance trip. Poor Chef was a mess trying to remember everything! It would have been so easy to just pass over a card to the EMT's. (and yes, I am fine -- had a bad asthma attack and couldn't breathe -- or talk!)

Oh....and did I mention -- bring fabrics....lots and lots of fabric!

Let me know what I am missing! If you would like a copy of this sheet, email me at

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