Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sew Day's - Retreat Carry-All

I'm new to all this packing for sewing days and retreats. I always seem to forget something and I also want to do it a bit in "style" instead of cardboard boxes and my grocery bags to carry it all. The dollar value to all those "totes" that you can get is a little crazy to me - so I do with what I have and make it work for me.

Canadian Tire (or any other tool-type store) carries tool totes. The beauty of these things is they are CHEAP. OK, they are around $35-$40, but way better than $200 plus!'s ugly! At least it was ugly until I got my hands on it!

Of course Tigger had to "pose" as well. I am sure he would like to take credit for some of my creativity! (Did I mention that the last FART...fabric acquisition trip.. we left him at home and he decided to cover my sewing space in thread??) I found a spool of thread wound around every object in my space. I can swear he was grinning as I was collecting it all!

Back to the carry-all..... When I came up with this idea, I wanted it "now" and of course I couldn't order some of those great decals on-line -- but I did find some great decals (for $4 I might add) that was a great addition to the u-g-l-y box! I love it! Check out all the storage in this baby!
The bungie cords will be used to attach my cutting board and rulers to the tote.

This top box includes two smaller flip top lids, a yellow removeable lid and the box on the top removes from the larger bottom box that has wheels.

a place for everything!

While I'm at it, what do you pack for retreat? I'd love to see your list! I'm working on a master list that I will share here once it's done! 

Happy packing! Retreat/Sew days here I come!



Denise :) said...

Whoa!! What a clever idea! I end up being so jumbled and bumbled with different totes and bags and tubs and bins when I go anywhere with my quilting/sewing gear -- it's such a pain. But I love this idea of yours . . . I may have to borrow! Thanks for dropping by my blog and your very *sweet* e-mail -- I'm a new follower both on GFC and on bloglovin! I look forward to keeping up with you!! :)

Margo said...

My pleasure Denise! I get great ideas from your blog as well! I love this little tote and all the little places. I'll let you know how it goes when I hit the big weekend retreat the beginning of April! I'll have to add to my list of things I "forgot" I am sure! Any advice you can pass on would be great! Cheers and kiss those little munchkins! We are so lucky to be grandparents!