Monday, March 3, 2014

WIP - Work in progress by the Young 'un! & straight pins!

Yesterday, was extremely cold! I should have stayed indoors, but the youngest needed my help with choosing fabrics for her upcoming project. She came to pick me up in her fancy SUV with the heated seats. How could I refuse? Besides, I really, really needed some straight pins!

Of we went to the local quilt shop. Just to give you an idea -- she was looking for 21 different fabrics. Although the piecing was smaller and yardage wouldn't be huge -- by paying $16.99 Can. per meter (3" larger than a yard), it still would be costly.

She did a great job (with little help from me) picking her fabrics! She went up to the studio and went to work cutting her fabrics with the Accuquilt, while I headed to the kitchen to prep dinner!

Fabrics were all cut and she was ready to sew! A few of the pieces she had to "un-sew" (in a huff no less -- you can relate!), and sew back together with perfect 1/4" seams! Take a look at a sneak peak at her first block:

Look at those perfect seams! The girl does me proud! Yeah! Another quilter in the family! She will be working on this project when we head out to our retreat. Somehow, I have a feeling she will be whipping up those blocks in no time! I'd better get some more projects ready to go in case she finishes this!

She is the girl that starts a project and doesn't stop until it is done! As for me, I get bored and have so many projects on the go that I have way too many UFO's hiding waiting for my attention!

As for the pins...

I came home with two packages. The first on the left are red/yellow head silk pins made by Clover. They come in a box containing 100, what looks to be 1 1/4" long, 0.5 mm diameter pins. The pins have glass heads so they will not melt with the heat of the iron. I have had these pins before and just love them! The only issue is, like socks in the wash -- they tend to disappear or get bent. The box of 100 was $6.99 Canadian funds.

Now one wouldn't think that few pins would get bent, but for me:
  •  I run over the pins *ahem* accidentally
  •  I tend to use pins for other things like tacking up fabric on the wall for me to stare at, or photo's without damaging the walls.
  •  I get frustrated with some pins because they "catch" in the fabric, or I struggle to get them to hold intricate pieces.

The package to the right came in a really nice blue tin a bit smaller than a hockey puck. I couldn't figure out the tin for a minute, but discovered if you push down the middle, the top pops off. putting the top back on and pushing on the middle again, snaps the lid back on. Great for travel -- i.e. upcoming retreat! 

These pins are 1 1/4" super fine pins. The package contains 500 pins, made in Switzerland out of nickel-plated hardened steel with super sharp points. The only draw back is the heads are small -- so you I will really need to pay attention while sewing! Cost for these pins were $15.99 Canadian funds.

I have had quilting pins -- those long one's with the yellow heads. I found that they were quite thick and the heads tended to pop off under pressure. Not my favorite.

I also have applique pins that are very short, allowing you to work around with your hand stitching without stabbing yourself and bleeding to death! All very tragic I assure you!

Check around and try out the one's that work for you. Know your prices so you can grab the deals when those sales come on!

Now, on to a little sneak peak of what I have been working on. This particular project should be done in the next couple of weeks after work and between another baby quilt. I hope to have it backed with a nice purple Minky or Cuddlesoft!

I have been talking myself into blogging more. If I don't have anything to show, it would be horribly embarrassing -- so I am hopeful this is the kick in the butt that I need!

What great things are you working on?

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