Sunday, March 16, 2014

WIP, UFO, ON THE GO, TO DO.... and organizing

The sewing room is a mess, but there is progress! I have a quilt ready on the design wall to have lattice/strips added and then off to Karen for quilting! I have my daughter's projects organized for the retreat! She has some hand-sewing to do for binding (which she claims she hates -- but I'm determined to teach her how to do it!)

I have my next baby project fabrics out and ready to go! All the applique has been cut and ready for placement. I hope to start appliqueing on the machine this week! I have Friday off, so I am hoping to get a big portion of it done this weekend! If all goes good, I hope to have it DONE!

My paperwork is all sorted in the file cabinets below my table.My papers for my taxes are ready to go! The cutting table is now cleared and ready for action!

Mess sometimes is encouragement to create and sort! I know that once everything is all organized, I am ready to sew! Thirst drove me downstairs and I thought I would blog a bit! Chef is prepping dinner and I thought I would show you my creative mess. Trust me, it's worse much of the time! I had to bring down a bag of garbage when I came down!

So much accomplished this weekend around the house! So much organization and a bit of Spring cleaning! It was great to get into the sewing room and do the same -- organize and clean! I think that once this retreat is over, there will be a number of UFO's that will be complete and not cluttering anymore! I also think that I need to put some things up for sale on Kijiji! We have a whole pile of household items headed to Value Village (like the Sally Ann) from our purge yesterday. I think that Chef is getting in the mood to do some major cleaning of his chef supplies, so that will be good. We have so many duplicates of things -- why are we keeping it?

Always organizing! I love it! I keep wanting things to be easier to find and pared down for just the right amount. I have the grandson to think of as well for projects and hobby/craft supplies. I found some of my paints have dried out never to be resurrected -- so those were tossed out! I also went through my UFO's, so I know a couple of them are quick to complete, so they got packed for the retreat!

I look around and see all the little "chatchkey's" I call them. Stuff that really doesn't pull at my heart, but is cluttering. Don't get me wrong -- there are lots of things that I love and wouldn't want to part with, but do we need it all? We've had a few things replaced that were plain old worn out! We've added by putting up shelves and reducing the clutter on counters etc. I still feel my sewing room could be more organized, but then again, the room is multi-purposed with the office basically in the closet and under my cutting table. I've thought of reorganizing the furniture -- but this works with the amount of space I have in there! I think I just have too many projects that need to be done to free up some more room!

We still have a kid at home -- so the spare room is no longer a spare room! I would love a room to put all those quilts in and decorate. Thus some of that spills into my sewing room! Working full time also cuts into all that creative time, but for now, I love my job and will just keep adding to my "quiet/me" time when I can!

Life is good!

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